Neither Heaven Nor Earth

Black Box Theatre | New York , NY | June, 2010



Neither Heaven Nor Earth


John Hansen-Brevetti and Gabriella Pinto


John Hansen-Brevetti and Gabriella Pinto

Scenic Design

Steven C. Kemp

Video Design

Kate Freer

This original work based on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict confronted controversy head-on and told the true stories of the victims, in all senses of the word. Combining athletic dance and movement, striking projected images and video content, a towering scenic replica of the dividing wall in Gaza, heartfelt storytelling, and powerful lighting, the evening was bursting with visual, emotional, and intellectual stimulation. Lighting was a major force behind the ever-shifting world and combined seamlessly with both physical and projected scenery to create a wide range of environments for the scenes and a non-stop series of visual tableaus that were both arresting and beautiful.

Photos by Jake DeGroot, Steven C. Kemp