The Abominables

UnitedHealth Group Stage | Minneapolis , MN | September, 2017

Children's Theatre Company


The Abominables

Music and Lyrics By

Michael Friedman

Book By

Steve Cosson


Steve Cosson

Musical Director

Andrew Fleser


Joe Chvala

Scenic Design

Andrew Boyce

Costume Design

Jessica Pabst

Sound Design

Sten Severson

This brand new musical from groundbreaking New York theatre Company, The Civilians, brought Minnesota youth hockey culture to the stage and then turned it on its head by introducing a family of Yetis.  The satirical piece was created over a four year period which included interviews with over 75 hockey players, coaches and family members across Minnesota at tournaments, games and practices.

The set design placed the entire show within the frame of a realistic but heightened hockey rink. Then, with the help of various set pieces and lighting changes, we took the audience to a variety of other location including house interiors, hotels, snowy tundras, frozen lakes, and even dream ballet landscapes. With skaters darting around on the “ice”, a Yeti princess floating high above the action, snow falling, and a fully-functional practical hockey scoreboard counting down, this piece moved fast and proved to be a fun challenge.

Photos by Jake DeGroot and Dan Norman