Caroline in Jersey

The Nikos Stage | Williamstown , MA | August, 2009

Williamstown Theatre Festival


Caroline in Jersey


Melinda Lopez


Amanda Charlton

Scenic Design

Andrew Boyce

Costume Design

Emily Rebholz

Sound Design

Bart Fasbender

This world premier play was comic ghost story in which life feels drab and dingy for Caroline, except when it is magical and unexpectedly transcendent. Throughout the whole piece lighting created the world and atmosphere of the neglected and dusty New Jersey apartment with a realistic feel, practical-motivated sources, and strong time-of-day storytelling meshing perfectly with the tone of the scenes. In the more magical moments, however, such as the fridge becoming a celestial gateway with smoke pouring out, or the apartment dissolving into the dreamy performance in Caroline’s imagination, the design really shined.

Photos by Jake DeGroot, Sam Hough