Mainstage | New Hope , PA | May, 2015

Bucks County Playhouse



Music and Lyrics By

Stephen Sondheim

Book By

George Furth


Hunter Foster

Musical Director

Will Shuler


Lorin Latarro

Costume Design

Jennifer Caprio

Sound Design

Bart Fasbender

New York City can be a dark and lonely place when you’re on your own. This modernized production of the Sondheim classic brought Bobby’s reality to the forefront. We stripped away some of the snark and some of the glamour of pervious productions so we could really connect to the characters. The lighting presented a version of the city that was always in motion, shifting perspectives, and full of depth. We saw through the many windows on the set to the happy and not-so-happy couples living behind them. We soaked in the saturated neon lights of the nightclubs, basked in the sunlight scraping across a too-small balcony, and bustled as another hundred people got off of the train.