Don Juan Comes Back from the War

Black Box Theatre | New York , NY | December, 2011

The New School for Drama


Don Juan Comes Back from the War


Odon von Horvath

Translated by

Christopher Hampton


Tim Butterfield

Scenic Design

Steven C. Kemp

Costume Design

Allison Crutchfield

Sound Design

Benjamin Furiga

The war-torn world of the play was a world of blocked-out hope. The heavy rags and drapes which framed the space were imposing and stifling to Don Juan as he pursues, in vain, his now-dead fiancé. Only the faint glow of the sky beyond propels him forward.

Scene after scene, this play repeatedly took the audience to new and different locations in rapid succession. The lighting design made this possible by clearly identifying locations and defining architecture.

Photos by Steven C. Kemp