Peter Jay Sharp Theater | New York , NY | February, 2011

Theatre C




Kyoung H. Park


Carlos Armesto


Elisabetta Spuria

Scenic Design

Adam Koch

Costume Design

Carla Bellisio

Sound Design

David Lawson

As her family and her life are spinning out of control, Ju Yeon is trying her hardest to keep her grasp on secrets from her past, pressures of the present, and the split between the life she left behind in Korea and the one she is now living in Flushing, NY. This new play darted between the worlds of tradition and modernity, leading the audience through a twisting and turning narrative, presenting scenes out of order and jumping between different time periods and countries fluidly. The well-constructed lighting design, with texture and color palettes working in deliberate patterns, helped to keep the storytelling clear and simultaneously enhance the tone of each scene. Plus, weaved throughout the whole piece was a fiery dancing spirit, warranting the lighting treatment of a true dance piece.